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  • Welcome to Zulizscarves
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Figure 1 : Account page for Agent


2. Click (Add Modify Address book) Add your agent or your customer address

Figure 1 : For  Reseller Account Who have their own (Agent customer) to sell their product & using their Name Of Shop & address or reseller address.

Figure 2 : Using your own address or your agent customer address Click - (SET AS DEFAULT - YES) - CONTINUE - If Different Address Must Add address first before proceed

Figure 3 : For customer receiver Always showing (AS DEFAULT - NO)

Figure 4 : Write your (shop name) on Name - Company & ADDRESS 1

3. Click <Request For Delivery> at Account page (Refer figure 1) to deliver items to different addresses.

Figure 2 : Request for Delivery – Select Shipping Address

4. Show a list of addresses added to Address Book and all the items ordered in different sales orders. Select a shipping address (Refer figure 2, A) and enter the item quantity to deliver to the selected shipping address (Refer figure 2, C). 


5. Click <New Address> (Refer figure 2, B) if wish to add new shipping address and system will direct user to Address Book page (Refer figure 11 – How To Place An Order Page)


6. Click <Continue> to proceed to select shipping method

Figure 3 : Request for Delivery – Select Shipping Method

7. The selected shipping address and items will appear on this page.

8. Select shipping method (Refer figure 3, A) to send out the selected item to selected shipping address.

9. Click <Continue> to arrange for delivery and delivery note will be generated (Refer figure 4) when successfully submitted the delivery order. 

Figure 4 : Delivery Note Generated


For Shopee - lazada & Other platform Please Kindly create Delivery 

:After Created Delivery Dn Please press PICK UP STORE & continue submit

:send us a email following your DN number and consigment shopee or lazada platform



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